During the past 15 years, the advice we have given to directors' has resulted in countless positive outcomes. The insight and technical expertise we have gained over this period coupled with our commitment to keeping abreast of the continually evolving criterion affords our clients' confidence and peace of mind.

  • Facilitation of all aspects of employee ERA claims
  • Site visits with Insolvency Practitioner
  • Completion of statutory forms
  • Completion of P35's & P45's
  • Calculation of all employee and subrogated claims for any purpose
  • ERA pension matters

From an Insolvency Practitioner's perspective the service ekemp provides more than outweighs the nominal costs and ensures that employees’ claims are dealt with in a professional and speedy manner.

About Us

Founded in 1995, ekemp formerly EK Employment Law Consultants is firmly established as the primary provider of ERA services to the Insolvency Sector in the North of England.

Our clients' are able to better deploy their resources safe in the knowledge that employees of the insolvent company are benefitting from the highest degree of professionalism and technical expertise.

In a corporate insolvency, employees are quite often the most high profile stakeholder and, given the profound impact of redundancy, failure to resolve their claims and queries on a timely basis can attract adverse media attention. Without the necessary technical knowledge, expertise and resources you probably find that employment related issues present endless problems. This could also have an impact on staff morale if they are unfamiliar with the relevant legislation. This has led an increasing number of Insolvency Practitioners to recognise the hassle free approach that our service offers.

At ekemp we focus exclusively on enhancing the employees' experience which reflects favourably on our clients'. The extensive specialist knowledge we have acquired over many years has allowed us to put effective systems in place and provides reassurance and comfort to those employees facing what can otherwise be a daunting and unfamiliar process.

With nationwide coverage at short notice, our flexibility sets us apart. We are equally competent dealing with large or small scale redundancies. Our flexible fee approach makes either a commercial reality.

Additionally, we advise to directors' of insolvent companies on their employee status at no additional cost to the insolvent estate.

For more information on how our services may benefit you, please contact us for an informal discussion on 0161 871 0530.