Your claim will be overseen by Elaine Camm who previously spent 10 years working for the Redundancy Payments Service, the Government department that will decide your claim. Her responsibilities included representing the Secretary of State at the Employment Tribunal to oppose appeals from directors like you whose claims had been rejected in the first instance. Needless to say, this insight and experience continues to benefit our clients to the present day.

"I have worked with ekemp for many years and have always received an exceptional level of service. During this time I have also referred many directors of insolvent companies for guidance on claiming redundancy and other statutory entitlements. The feedback is always positive and, as news of a successful outcome often filters through to the accountant who referred the client to me initially, this helps to reinforce my professional working relationships."
Phil Booth
PR Booth & Co

About Us

Our founder, Elaine Camm, previously spent 10 years working at the Manchester office of the Redundancy Payments Service (“RPS”), the Government department that will decide your claim. Elaine progressed into a managerial position during her tenure with the RPS and, among her extensive and varied role, she developed a depth and breadth of experience in dealing with directors claims. She also attended the Employment Tribunal on behalf of the Secretary of State to oppose appeals from directors like you whose claims had been rejected in the first instance. This experience gave Elaine a unique insight into the necessary requirements for a successful director redundancy claim. Elaine also carried out wage inspections on behalf of the RPS at Insolvency Practitioner (“IP”) firms throughout the country. This enabled her to build strong relationships with many IPs, whose support is crucial to the director redundancy process, relationships that endure to the present day.

Due to the closure of the Manchester RPS office in 1995 Elaine elected to accept voluntary redundancy, an option chosen in no small part due to the encouragement she received from her many IP contacts within the industry who advised that her unique background and experience could greatly benefit their own practices on a consultancy basis.

Elaine went on to found EK Employment Law Consultants (“EKELC”) as a sole trader around May 1995 with the encouragement and support of her late husband, Karl Camm. Hence the initials “EK”.

In operating the initial IP service, Elaine identified that individual directors could also benefit from the skills and expertise she amassed whilst working at the RPS. Consequently, EKELC would become the UK’s first business to provide a specialist consultancy service in relation to director redundancy. Over the years as an industry pioneer, Elaine and her team have helped thousands of clients to navigate the difficult and unfamiliar redundancy claim process facing directors of insolvent companies.

The business grew organically until around 2010 when it became clear that Elaine would need additional support to fulfil the burgeoning demand for her services. This also coincided with the first known competitor entering the industry. Since then, Elaine has recruited and trained a team of specialist support staff to maintain and improve upon the excellent standards she established over the years. The business moved to its current premises in 2012 and has continued to prosper ever since.

In May 2018, it became apparent that supporting clients in relation to director redundancy could constitute regulated claims management activities under the Compensation Act 2006. As compliance is at the foremost of what we do, a decision was taken to seek authorisation from the Claims Management Regulator to ensure the continued provision of the director redundancy service.

To simplify operations, the decision was taken to separate the two services hitherto provided by EKELC, namely to directors (regulated) and IPs (non-regulated).

From 1st April 2019, the director redundancy service is being delivered by EKemp Redundancy Claims Limited t/a ekemp, which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The new business will continue to be led by Elaine who will be supported by her trusted team, ensuring that the excellent standards clients and introducers have come to expect are maintained into the future.

You may have received contact from or even been recommended to one of our rivals, however, why would you choose anyone other than industry founder and ex-RPS employee, Elaine Camm, to oversee your claim?