During the past 15 years, the advice we have given to directors' has resulted in countless positive outcomes. The insight and technical expertise we have gained over this period coupled with our commitment to keeping abreast of the continually evolving criterion affords our clients' confidence and peace of mind.

  • Facilitation of all aspects of employee ERA claims
  • Site visits with Insolvency Practitioner
  • Completion of statutory forms
  • Completion of P35's & P45's
  • Calculation of all employee and subrogated claims for any purpose
  • ERA pension matters

From an Insolvency Practitioner's perspective the service ekemp provides more than outweighs the nominal costs and ensures that employees’ claims are dealt with in a professional and speedy manner.

Employment Rights Act Services to Insolvency Practitioners

At ekemp we offer a range of specialised services tailored to provide solutions to the insolvency sector in matters pertaining to employment rights.

Does your practice lack the resources to efficiently and effectively deal with employment related issues? This is understandable as the cost of having these skills in-house may seem disproportionate to the perceived benefits. Nevertheless, many practitioners find that dealing with arduous employee queries can be a significant drain on resources during the crucial early stages of an appointment when employee demands can be overwhelming. Furthermore, the unfamiliar legislation can present additional difficulties. Our comprehensive employee service may be the solution to these problems.

The expertise and knowledge we have acquired working alongside some of the country’s leading Insolvency Practitioners during the past 15 years has led us to develop a streamlined process designed to shift the burden away from the Insolvency Practitioner. Crucially, it also enhances the employees experience of what is invariably a difficult, distressing and often daunting position to be in.

We cater for firms of all sizes having worked on behalf of sole practitioners to larger nationwide practices. Our flexible fee approach means that it is economical to engage our services on each and every appointment should you require. Alternatively, we can operate on an ad hoc basis if this suits your particular needs.

We also offer an advisory service to directors' of insolvent companies who may wish to claim their statutory entitlement from the National Insurance Fund. It is a common misconception that directors', particularly those with a majority shareholding, are not entitled to claim redundancy. This is simply not the case. Our technical insight on this complex area of the law has benefitted many directors. This could also add value to your practice through improved relations with work providers at no additional cost to the insolvent estate as in this instance our conditional fee is agreed with the director. The claim proceeds may also be put to use by the director in meeting the costs of formal insolvency proceedings where the assets of the company are insufficient to do so thus increasing your stream of potential clients.